5 Chic DIY Halloween Costumes

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Trick or Tiek in style this Halloween! Below you’ll find step-by-step instructions to create each of these five chic Halloween costumes. Whether you’re looking for something elegant, girly, playful, or a combination of all three, we’ve got you covered. Now get inspired and get crafting!


4 (3)

What you’ll need: corset (ideally blue/green); tank top to match corset (optional); peacock feathers; hot glue gun; black skirt; black ostrich feathers (any black feathered boa will do); 

Instructions: Start by decorating a plain blue or green corset with peacock feathers using the hot glue gun. The more the better! Next, glue strips of black feathers onto your black skirt in a vertical direction. Only glue each strip or feather at the waistline of the skirt—leaving the strips loose will create gorgeous movement. Slip on the skirt, add the corset on top (tank optional underneath) and Tiek Blue Patent Tieks, and you’re ready to shake your tail feathers!

Featured Style: Tiek Blue Patent



1 (4)

What you’ll need: green dress; ivy; 1.5 yards of green tulle; green ribbon (any); hot glue gun

Instructions: First, glue individual ivy leaves onto the top of the dress starting from the neckline and working your way down towards the waist. Overlap each leaf with the one above it to create a layered effect. If you have different sized ivy leaves to work with, glue the smallest ones towards the top, and use increasingly larger leaves as you work your way down. Once you’ve reached the waistline of your dress, turn your attention to the tulle. Measure out a strip of green ribbon big enough to tie into a bow around your waist, then ruche the tulle into four sections and use the glue gun to attach the point of each ruched section to the green ribbon. Decorate the skirt with more ivy branches and leaves to your liking. We covered the ribbon at the waistline with leaves, but that's optional. Slip on the dress, tie your tulle skirt around the waist, grab your Taupe Tieks, and you’re ready to go!

Featured Style: Taupe



5 (5)

What you’ll need3-4 yards of black cotton fabric (anything sturdy, not sheer); orange, yellow, and white acrylic painthand sewer or hot glue gun; malleable wire; little black dress

Instructions: Start by cutting your black fabric into at least 8 different wing shapes (think slightly lopsided hearts). You shouldn’t need a stencil for this part, you can just wing it ;) Paint a Monarch wing pattern on each cutout (Google Images is your friend!). We used orange as the base and added yellow for a dimensional effect. Once your wings are dry, wrap the edges of the fabric around your wire and secure it by either sewing or gluing them down. Clip the wires at the ends and you’re ready to put everything together! Grab your LBD and pin, sew, or glue each wing to the dress. You’ll need one wing for across the chest, and the rest will be attached at or slightly below the waist. Finish your look with Mustard Yellow Tieks and you’re ready to flutter your wings!

Featured Style: Mustard Yellow



2 (6)

What you’ll need: purple dress; 2 yards sheer purple fabric; 1 yard iridescent white fabricmalleable wire; clear rhinestones; black glitter (optional); hot glue gun; chain; cardboard

Instructions: First, cut your sheer purple fabric into petal shapes (8 recommended). The petals should be longer than the length from the waist to the hemline of the dress (so they can billow outwards once the wires are added). Wrap the edges of the fabric around wire and secure them using hot glue. Then attach one tip of the petal to the waistline of the dress and the other tip to the hemline of the dress. Repeat this step with each petal, moving your way around the skirt. Before attaching the last petal, scrunch and place the iridescent white fabric between the dress and the petals to create the liquid effect. Once all the petals are attached, decorate the dress with rhinestones (as desired). Print out a Love Potion #9 sign (make your own or click the link below to get ours) and glue it to the cardboard. We used a little black glitter to make the sign pop, but this step is optional. Last, use the hot glue gun to attach the chain to the sign, grab your Silver Screen Tieks, and voila—you’re ready to spread a little love!

Click here to download our Love Potion #9 Sign!

Featured Style: Silver Screen



3 (4)

What you’ll need: black bustier; black tank top (optional); red skirt; ⅛ yard white satin fabric; 1-1.5 yards black satin fabric; black & white checkered ribbon; small piece of red felt; gold lace trim

Instructions: Begin by cutting and gluing a piece of your white satin fabric to the bustier to create a panel down the front. Then, add two strips of the ribbon to either side of the white panel. Cut a large heart out of the red felt, and add gold lace trim around the edges. Glue the heart onto the bustier so that the top of it extends slightly over the top of the bustier. We added a ruched ribbon detail to the top of the heart, but this step is optional. You’ll need to put on the bustier and skirt for the next step. Once you have both pieces on, wrap a piece of black satin fabric around your waist and attach it so it stops at the inner edge of the ribbon on the bustier. Attach strips of ribbon to the vertical edges of the black fabric from waist to hemline. Last, add a piece of gold lace trim where the skirt meets the bustier, extending to the outer edges of the ribbon strips. Top off the look with a few royal props and of course Ruby Red Tieks, and you’re ready to rule the night!

Featured Style: Ruby Red Patent