Limited Edition Champagne Tieks

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Over the weekend we had a very exciting event—the limited launch of Champagne Tieks!

Our Champagne launch was designed to be an experience from start to finish, and nothing says limited edition like a surprise gift package! If you weren't lucky enough to snag a Champagne pair, here's a peek inside the box...

From the Tieks flower to the card, everything was specially crafted, and packaged to perfection.


The Card

If you're a Tieks Girl you know that every pair comes with a hand-written thank you note from the Tieks team. We felt that Champagne deserved a card as special as the launch, so we had a card illustrated that embodied the spirit of our Champagne party!

We knew the card wouldn't be complete without a special message, so we penned this adorable poem to include on the inside!

The Flower & The Cookie

Of course, we couldn't have a limited edition launch without some limited edition goodies too!

We spent months perfecting a Champagne flower to include exclusively with Champagne Tieks. We think it turned out pretty gorgeous!

Finally, the cherry on top—our custom Tieks Champagne cookie. This adorable treat tastes as good as it looks, and is almost too cute to eat! "Almost" being the key word ;)

And there you have it. The Champagne Tieks launch was our biggest and most exciting yet. We can't wait to see where Champagne Blue Prints are made throughout the holidays and in 2017!