• Demure
  • Daring
  • Vixen
  • Description
  • Turn heads in Brasieks, the first ever foot bra for enhanced toe cleavage. Made from the finest Uzbek silk, Brasieks incorporate a discreet, no-show design that provides natural-looking toe cleavage. The lace trim creates a classic, yet sexy look, while the adjustable heel clasp and elasticized edge ensure a perfect fit. Three levels of support let you pick the look that’s right for you -- try Demure for a subtle lift or Vixen for maximum toe-stopping cleavage and fullness. Perfect for showing off your favorite toe ring.
  • Sizing
  • One size fits all. Three lift levels.

    Demure: a subtle, natural lift

    Daring: slightly higher lift for a full silhouette

    Vixen: our most dramatic lift for maximum cleavage

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Before & After

It’s all in the details

Uzbek Silk

One Silkworm At a Time

Brasieks are hand crafted from the finest Uzbek silk, produced one silkworm at a time in the village of Chashma in the Ferghana Province of Uzbekistan. The farmers in this region have honed their craft over hundreds of years, and the village is home to the world’s only colony of free-range silkworms. The thread produced by these unique worms merges the softness of silk with the tensile strength of carbon fiber to provide the ultimate in comfort and support.

Research and development

The Science of Lift

Toe Cleavage is the New Cleavage

For over a decade, leading foot scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Toeology have studied the correlation between toe cleavage and confidence in women. Their research has shown that with just a 10% increase in fullness and lift, 9 out of 10 women experienced an increase in both self-confidence and positive romantic attention. Building on that research, we developed the perfect support accessory for your Tieks, designed to lift and accentuate each toe while providing all-day support. Warning: Wearing Brasieks may also lead to strutting instead of walking.

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