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Long ago, House Gavrieli conquered the kingdoms with dragons renowned for their majestic beauty and devastating power. As dragons disappeared, the House honored their memory in its sigil and forged a jewel-encrusted metal dragon that has been guarded for generations—along with another, even more precious ancient relic.
House Gavrieli’s prized possession, the only surviving dragon egg, has inspired countless wars. It is written that the last dragon, Drago, would hatch from the egg and rise from a thousand-year fire. As centuries pass, the egg is thought turned to stone by all but House Gavrieli, whose Egg’s Watch pledges life and honor to guarding the egg on a perpetual flame. As the thousandth year comes to a close, the day the prophecy foretold grows imminent.
After a millenium of shielding the egg, the day the prophecy promised has arrived, and the scaled surface of the egg begins to crack and smoke. The Egg’s Watch, House Gavrieli, and the people of the realm gather to await the imminent birth of Drago.
The last dragon is born, and the realm revels in its glory. Smooth, foiled scales of steel silver and hints of glacial blue coat a pelt as black as a raven’s feathers. Its impenetrable hide glimmers as Drago, first of its name and last of its kind, takes flight from the flames.
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