Tieks For Your Service


As a member of the United States military community, you take service and sacrifice to the next level. This Veterans Day, we’re taking “Thanks for your service” to the next level with Tieks For Your Service—our first-ever dedicated gift card offer for the U.S. Armed Forces for the most versatile women’s ballet flats in the world. Whether you are currently serving, have served, or support a service member from the home front, we are deeply appreciative of your immense strength, dedication, and courage.

The ballet flat, reinvented
Stylish, comfortable, durable, and foldable. Meet the most versatile flats in the world.
Tieks tieks noun. The most versatile flats in the world. Made of the finest Italian leathers and designed to fold and fit in a purse. Wearable all day, every day.
Close up of a woman wearing Matte Black Tieks leather ballet flat shoes.
Featuring a unique split-sole and flexible midsole, Tieks are built to mold to the foot and flex with it as you walk. This design also allows the shoes to fold and fit easily into a purse or suitcase, so comfort and style are always within arm's reach. Learn More
Close up of Tieks ballet flat outsole and signature Tiek Blue sole.
Thick non-skid rubber outsole patches in our signature Tiek Blue color provide traction and shock absorption to keep you grounded with every step. The brown leather midsole is specially treated to be both flexible and durable, allowing the shoe to be folded and unfolded repeatedly.
Close up of Tieks ballet flat cushioned heel and signature Tiek Blue stripe.
Tieks are made to stretch and mold to your foot for the perfect fit, and the back is cushioned rather than elasticized to ensure they're never too tight on your heel. The insoles feature advanced foam cushioning for all day comfort and long-term wear. Learn More
Tieks ballet flats leather displayed as a stack featuring colors: Leopard, Ruby and Cobalt.
With over 70 Prints, Patents, Classics, and more, there are Tieks for every wardrobe and occasion. Crafted from luxurious Italian leather and textiles, Tieks’ classic silhouette transitions seamlessly from day to night and season to season—so you never have to sacrifice style for comfort or vice versa. Learn More
Commitment To Craftsmanship
It takes 3 days and over 150 steps to make a single pair of Tieks. Handcrafted from the finest Italian leathers and textiles, Tieks combine the best of Italian artistry and modern design. The result: a flat with unparalleled comfort, flexibility, durability, and style.

Play With Color

Scroll Prints, Patents, Classics & More

Lavender Patent ballet flats Lavender Patent
Lavender Snake ballet flats Lavender Snake
Lilac ballet flats Lilac
California Navy ballet flats California Navy
Heritage Plaid ballet flats Heritage Plaid
Sapphire Patent ballet flats Sapphire Patent
Cobalt Blue ballet flats Cobalt Blue
Moonstruck ballet flats Moonstruck
Paradise Blue ballet flats Paradise Blue
Electric Snake ballet flats Electric Snake
Azure Snake ballet flats Azure Snake
Tiek Blue Patent ballet flats Tiek Blue Patent
Mint Patent ballet flats Mint Patent
Emerald Patent ballet flats Emerald Patent
Clover Green ballet flats Clover Green
Calouflage ballet flats Calouflage
Olive ballet flats Olive
Echo Park ballet flats Echo Park
Lemon Patent ballet flats Lemon Patent
Mustard Yellow ballet flats Mustard Yellow
Tangerine ballet flats Tangerine
Poppy ballet flats Poppy
Coral Patent ballet flats Coral Patent
Peach Poppy ballet flats Peach Poppy
Sunset Stripe ballet flats Sunset Stripe
Rose Gold Glam ballet flats Rose Gold Glam
Lovestruck ballet flats Lovestruck
Rose Garden ballet flats Rose Garden
Blush Patent ballet flats Blush Patent
Rosé ballet flats Rosé
Romantic Blush ballet flats Romantic Blush
Ballerina Pink ballet flats Ballerina Pink
Cotton Candy ballet flats Cotton Candy
Aquarella ballet flats Aquarella
Fuchsia ballet flats Fuchsia
Razzleberry ballet flats Razzleberry
Cardinal Red ballet flats Cardinal Red
Rouge ballet flats Rouge
Ruby Red Patent ballet flats Ruby Red Patent
Burgundy ballet flats Burgundy
Chocolate Brown ballet flats Chocolate Brown
Ember ballet flats Ember
Tortoiseshell ballet flats Tortoiseshell
Mocha Snake ballet flats Mocha Snake
Leopard Print ballet flats Leopard Print
Metallic Bronze ballet flats Metallic Bronze
Chestnut ballet flats Chestnut
Sienna Brown Croc ballet flats Sienna Brown Croc
Wild Copper ballet flats Wild Copper
Copperhead Snake ballet flats Copperhead Snake
Sand Snake ballet flats Sand Snake
Starstruck ballet flats Starstruck
Taupe ballet flats Taupe
Mojave ballet flats Mojave
Brentwood ballet flats Brentwood
Metallic Gold ballet flats Metallic Gold
Camel ballet flats Camel
Golden Glitz ballet flats Golden Glitz
Biscotti Patent ballet flats Biscotti Patent
Cream ballet flats Cream
White Rose ballet flats White Rose
White Lotus ballet flats White Lotus
Diamond White Croc ballet flats Diamond White Croc
Feather Grey ballet flats Feather Grey
Silver Screen ballet flats Silver Screen
Cool Grey ballet flats Cool Grey
Silver Lake ballet flats Silver Lake
Metallic Pewter ballet flats Metallic Pewter
Slate Grey Croc ballet flats Slate Grey Croc
Drago ballet flats Drago
Incognito ballet flats Incognito
Greystone ballet flats Greystone
Nude Lace ballet flats Nude Lace
Matte Black ballet flats Matte Black
Obsidian Black ballet flats Obsidian Black
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