Napa Classics

Tieks Full-Grain Matte Leather

Our Napa Classic styles feature exquisite, full-grain, Italian leathers. These leathers are tanned with only the highest grade oils to emphasize the prominent natural grain, while retaining a luxurious, soft feel. The natural surface of full-grain leather burnishes and beautifies over time.

Shiny Distressed Classics

Tieks Top-Grain Burnished Leather

Our Shiny Distressed Classic styles include Clover Green, Cobalt Blue, Poppy, and Pacific Green. These top-grain leathers are meticulously dyed and burnished, resulting in vivid color with a natural distressed look. The leather is then treated with a wax coating to add shine and washed to give it a cracked glazed finish. The antiqued appearance of these styles is further accentuated by milling the leather for extended periods of time, which also creates a supple softness.
  • Clover Green
  • Cobalt Blue
  • Poppy
  • Pacific Green

Metallic Classics

Tieks Full-Grain Painted Metallic Leather

The leathers used to make our Metallic Classic styles are expertly tanned and tumbled until they are buttery soft. The leathers are brushed with the finest oils, then pressed and painted with a metallic finish. The metallic paint is both beautiful and durable, far outlasting the traditional method of using delicate foil for metallics. The premium leather and luxurious paint are what make this unique collection exclusively Tieks.
  • Rosé
  • Metallic Pewter
  • Metallic Gold
  • Metallic Bronze

Croc Patents

Tieks Croc Print Patent Leather

Similar to their Smooth Patent counterparts, our Croc Patent styles are made from premium, Italian leather that is fully saturated with luxurious color. The leather is then painted with a high gloss, shiny coating to create the perfect patent finish. Only then is the leather embossed with a crocodile texture to create an exquisite final product.
  • Obsidian Black
  • Slate Grey Croc
  • Diamond White
  • Sienna Brown Croc

Smooth Patents

Tieks Patent Leather

The leathers used to create our Smooth Patent styles are fully saturated with vibrant color to ensure superior quality, sprayed with a high gloss coating for a smooth, brilliant luster, and tumbled until they reach peak softness. The vivid hue and classic patent finish make Blush, Ruby Red, Mint, Lavender, Lemon, Coral, Biscotti, and Tiek Blue Patent Tieks ideal for year round wear.


Tieks Non-Leather Options

We have five styles available in the Tieks Vegan collection. Each one is made from the finest European textiles, using natural, paraben-free dyes. Between Greystone, Silver Lake, Brentwood, Echo Park and Sunset Stripe, we offer chic, non-leather Tieks options in both neutral colors and bold prints. Mojave and Heritage Plaid round out our textile styles, offering a soft fabric upper and a supple leather insole.

Snake Prints

Tieks Hand-Painted Snake Print Leather

All of our Snake Print styles are made from hand-painted Italian leather that is meticulously cut to mimic snake scales. Each print is comprised of at least four colors including black, silver, and gold, creating a striking combination. After the leather is painted, a shiny finish is applied. Next, the scales are cut and the leather is tumbled to make it buttery soft. During this final tumbling process the cut scales open slightly to achieve optimum authenticity. These distinctive traits are what make our Snake Collection so remarkably bold and beautiful.

Precious Metal Prints

Tieks Crackled Metallic Leather

Our Precious Metal Print styles are inspired by Old Hollywood and include Golden Glitz, Silver Screen, and Rose Gold Glam Tieks. Artisans massage and soften the leathers with fine oils for 8-10 hours then treat them in preparation for a foil finish, which is applied with a roller press. Next, the leathers are tumbled for an additional 10 hours for softness, causing the foil to piece off and reveal the material's natural valleys. The result is a stunning texture unlike metallic leathers seen anywhere else.
  • Rose Gold Glam
  • Golden Glitz
  • Silver Screen

Metallic Prints

Tieks Hand-Crafted Metallic Prints Leather

Each of our Metallic Print styles feature a unique snake print on split leather, and is entirely hand-painted. The reflective gold and silver foil accents, which add a sparkle unique to these styles, are individually placed by hand. At least five skilled artisans work on each piece of leather, making this one of our most special collections. As a result, no two Metallic Print pairs are exactly alike.
  • Wild Copper
  • Romantic Blush
  • Paradise Blue

Metallic Sparkle Prints

Tieks Iridescent Metallic Leather

Our Starstruck, Lovestruck, and Moonstruck Tieks are crafted from soft, Italian leather that is pressed with a delicate foil, then tumbled to give the leather a crackled, antiqued appearance. The leather is unique in that it has a subtle, iridescent pattern which gives the leather an uncommonly brilliant shine. The warm, metallic luster of these leathers create a dazzle that is unparalleled by typical glitter leather.
  • Lovestruck
  • Starstruck
  • Moonstruck

Leopard Print

Tieks Animal Print Leather

Our Leopard Print Tieks are made from full-grain Italian leather. The leather is dyed and then tumbled to create a natural texture and tough yet refined appearance. Black rosettes are painted onto a golden brown background, mimicking the exotic spots of a leopard. A shiny, crackled finish is then applied to give the leather a subtle yet eye-catching luster.
  • Leopard Print


Tieks Leather with Lace Overlay

Nude Lace Tieks are bold yet feminine. A delicate black lace overlay is expertly placed on top of supple nude leather. The leather has a prominent natural grain which allows it to retain a smooth and plush feel once the lace overlay is applied. The black floral lace details are elegantly entwined on a natural lattice background. The overlay effect creates the perfect combination of flirtatious elegance, complimenting the sumptuous yet simple nude leather.
  • Nude Lace


Tieks Leather with Floral Accents

Our floral styles are inspired by the world's oldest rose garden, Le Rosearaie Du Val De Marne in L'Haÿ les Roses, France. Each pair is a true work of art consisting of dozens of hand-woven, fabric rosettes. The intricate floral accents are hand-stitched to lace overlay which adorns the Italian leather upper of each pair.
  • White Rose
  • Rose Garden

Arabian Night

Tieks Iridescent Leather

Specially treated for a dramatic oil slick effect and eye-catching shine, this handcrafted leather is the product of avant-garde Italian artistry. Shimmering jewel tones blend to create a dazzling opalescent display, and a glossy patent coat gives the leather its lustrous finish.
  • Arabian Night


Tieks Patterned Patent Leather

Tortoiseshell Tieks have an unrivaled depth of color achieved by the delicate layering of rich ambers and honey browns onto soft, full-grain Italian leather. The print’s distinctive markings are painted onto the leather by hand before being sealed with a polished patent finish.
  • Tortoiseshell


Tieks Watercolor Pebbled Leather

Inspired by the style of acquerello (Italian for watercolor), Aquarella Tieks are a bright bouquet of color. Layers of vivid paints and a natural water-induced gradient are applied on fine leather that is then coated with a gloss finish and finely cut to create a refracted glisten. A wearable work of art, no two pairs of Aquarella are exactly alike.
  • Aquarella


Tieks Foiled Dragon Print Leather

To create Drago's base, top-grain leather is drum dyed in a rich midnight hue, then foiled to create the beginnings of scales. The leather is then meticulously washed, creating texture reminiscent of a mythical creature while also softening the hide. Once the leather reaches peak softness, artisans add movement and dimension by painting scales in shades of glacial blues and steel silvers. The result is nothing short of legendary.
  • Drago


Tieks Suede Leather

Rouge is made with soft Italian suede leather. Drawing from time-honored techniques, artisans expertly craft the leather by revealing the luxurious napped texture beneath the upper grain. This sumptuous suede is double dyed with rich red pigments to achieve maximum color saturation.
  • Rouge