True Love Red True Love Red As bold as true love's kiss, this romantic classic is not to be missed. Place Bid   Red Diamond Red Diamond A resplendent jewel inspired by the rarest and most valuable of all diamonds. Place Bid   Arabian Night Arabian Night Fully customizable, no two pairs of this iridescent work of art are exactly alike. Place Bid   Toscani Toscani A hand-painted masterpiece inspired by the beauty and artistry of Tuscany. Place Bid   Giraffe Giraffe This coveted animal print has returned from the savanna. Place Bid   Black Ostrich Black Ostrich Elusive and exotic, this invite-only style makes its public debut. Place Bid   Brown Ostrich Brown Ostrich The only one of its kind, this rare, rich-brown ostrich style has never been sold. Place Bid   A Dragon's Egg A Dragon's Egg Join the Egg’s Watch and bid to lay claim to the mysterious prize within. Place Bid