Fall under the spell of this bewitching brew,
a limited edition that returns anew.
Prismatic color with a touch of romance
will leave you transfixed, your heart in a trance.
Available while supplies last through Valentine’s Day,
adorned with our Valentine’s red rose bouquet.



Swirl Lovestruck’s golden pink with Moonstruck’s silver blue,
mix in shimmering hints of green and purple hues,
add iridescent foil and brilliant shine
to create an enchanting elixir of love divine.



Take a sip of this prismatic potion and fall under its spell with absolute devotion. With the brilliant colors and iridescence of your heart’s desire, Love Potion dazzles no matter the occasion or attire.


Love Potion


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  • Description
  • Fall under the spell of this enchanting brew, a limited edition that returns anew. Concocted with iridescent foil and brilliant sheen, Love Potion mixes silver blue and golden pink with hints of purple and green.

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